New Book: Chipped Off

Chipped Off navigates a maze of despair and hope, revealing a powerful narrative of love and transformation. Through skillful storytellying, this captivating book delves into the depths of human experience, leaving readers inspired and moved by the indomitable spirit of the protagonist, Ejima who is confronted with an unimaginable challenge after his birth.

The story of Ejima is a reflection of our life’s journey to identity. In the search to discover his sense of self after a life-altering event, Ejima finds love in an unlikely place. This story of resiclience shows us how to find purpose while living through neglect and displacement in society. If reflects the human capacity to transform victimhood to “hero-hood”.

ISBN: 978-978-60439-1-3

Take Action

I believe you have come this far in the book for the happiness of others and just a little more you do will go a long way. The GoFuture Child Trust is a private fund for the health management and education of abandoned children we christened as Gofuture children. There is a dearth of statistics on cases of abandoned babies, however, public hospitals in Nigeria provide reliable information on babies abandoned in their facility. Some of these children make it to orphanages but others are not so lucky.

To support our work in spreading love to these nameless children whose bright future should not be neglected, we ask you to give. You can be part of giving life to these ones by donating.

Help Us Identify

Chances are you know someone going through a big change or stressful time. Internal questions regarding their sense of self interfere with daily life. While Psychologists note that developing a sense of identity is important during the teenage years, identity shifts occur at any age. An individual may be preoccupied with identity questions such as who am I? what am I passionate about? what are my beliefs anchored on? what is my purpose in life?

Depending on the severity, there are ways to deal with an identity crisis. If a doctor’s intervention is not required you can work through an identity crisis using social support and group therapy. We know that people who make a strong commitment to an identity tend to be happier and healthier than those who have not. Book a place for social support and group therapy.