Igazeuma Okoroba, PhD


Igazeuma Okoroba is a Sociologist and Media practitioner. If you describe me as a writer, that will be correct; a podcast producer would also be apt. A volunteer organizer or gender advocate also describes me in absolute terms. But, if you called me a Social impacts Storyteller, you would have hit the bull’s eye!

After decades of exploring media, civil society and the world of multinational business in Africa, a skill mix and passion for society led me here. No half measures. For me it’s 100% + 100% of every human talent that equals 100%.

As a Development Communications Specialist, I create compelling stories that highlight societies. I specialize in weaving messages into words and audio-visual content to produce social impact stories. Whether I speak Queen’s English or pidgin English, collaboration from grassroots to boardrooms is my winning style.

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I made the journey to find my own voice through exploring every sector, public and private. I’m here now to share that journey in my own voice!